World’s 1st underwater hotel | The Muraka in the Maldives

World’s 1st underwater hotel | The Muraka in the Maldives

Have you ever had bizarre, outlandish thoughts of what it might be like to sleep submerged deep in the ocean? Quite an animated thought, indeed. Nestling in the coral bed, while sharks give you the side-eye and schools of brightly colored fish swim around. It shouldn’t be to be confined to your wildest dreams anymore. I introduce to you the wonder from 2018–world’s 1st underwater hotel: The Muraka.

The birth of this water wonderland

The celebrated architect Ahmed Saleem first launched his dream of an underwater utopia via Ithaa, Conard Maldives Rangali Island resort. Ithaa is the world’s 1st underwater restaurant with 5-star service like none other, and now the sister of The Muraka.

The birth of this water wonderland

The Maldive’s is known for its fresh, pristine beaches and glittery white sand. However, the underwater beauty that was left out of the eyes’ reach. Therefore, the Muraka in Maldives was the next innovative idea Mr Saleem really wanted to tackle. Teaming up with the with New York firm Yuji Yamazaki, he brought the dream of a luxury bedroom nestled snug and deep under the breathtaking, luminous Indian Ocean, into reality.

The scenery over the ocean

The Muraka translates to ‘coral’ in Dhivehi, Maldives’ native language. It is a 2 story villa that is submerged approximately 16.5ft deep under the Indian Ocean, give or take. It truly is an architectural marvel that is made of steel, concrete, and acrylic. The structure of it is noteworthy as well. Flourishing in lavish luxury, the Muraka comprises of a slender top-storey bobbing its head above water. Made of glass, this contains a deluxe kitchen, living room, dining area and 2 grand bedrooms.

Underwater hotel The Muraka

The services provided of course include the private 24-hour private chefs and security that take the burden off your shoulders. It also offers the splendid view of the glorious waves crashing onto secluded decks, private jetty and infinity pool. The activities extend from on-call fitness trainers and masseur that will cater to your needs, and chambermaids that will fluff up your pillows and butlers that will bring your wine at notice.

The scenery under the ocean

The magic starts once you leap into the seemingly neverending rabbit hole. Not literally, of course, as the designers were careful to provide you with an elevator, plus a spiral staircase. The bottom floor is exactly as remarkable as it sounds. You descend down into the overwhelmingly breathtaking aquarium which takes you off your feet with just how magnificent it is. Additionally, you have zebra sharks, barracudas, bottlenose dolphins, and the famous dugong coming to have a peek at you. The curved glass ceiling gives you a 270-ish degree view of the panoramic wonderland. Understandably, that takes a bit of time to actually sink into your brain. Especially when you wake up in the morning to the luminous glaze of water and sunlight from above casting ripples of rainbows onto you.

Underwater hotel The Muraka

The Muraka in Maldives is perched far from Conrad’s beach villas and overwater bungalows. It gives special attention to the need for maximum privacy and service. This includes diligent staff consisting of polished butlers, world-class chefs and security. It ensures round-the-clock service along with relaxing activities. One of the most noteworthy activities is the tunnel viewing theatre.

Activities to keep you entertained

Guests are welcomed to actually take a dive outside and greet the colourful marine life who are pretty much now your roommates. Blow bubbles under the water as your snorkel with the fish. After that, lift your head up to look at the turquoise surface which will make you truly realise that you are underwater. Dive through the different depths of the sea world and personally start a game of tag with the playful dolphins. Bathe yourself in the glow of planktons and exquisite corals It’s an adventure of a lifetime. And the biggest perk is that you can capture every single second of this dreamlike reality into the confined of your camera. The Muraka offers guests a film crew that will swim with you and document all your underwater enjoyments and discoveries.

Underwater hotel The Muraka

If you or your loved ones are into the cooking arena, take the chance to go on a culinary adventure with your personal chef. If you have little ones with you, this is a great time for them to take a leap into the art of cooking. Jereme Leung’s succulent, world-class delicacies and recipes are all available for you to try out.

After a long day of riding the adrenaline rush of delving into a world of breathtaking beauty, lose yourself in a spiritual journey. Enjoy the mystical and serene beauty of the bottom of the ocean bed while engaging yourself with yoga, meditation and relaxation massages. Experts in their fields will always be there to guide you to ensure top-class service deserved by the elites. You can also opt to soak in the warm waters of your bathtub, sipping champagne while admiring the 180-degree view of the ocean.

Delve into this world seamless beauty

A prepossessing adventure of The Muraka in Maldives magnitude deserves nothing but the most luxurious service. Enjoy the experiences of a lifetime with bartenders, chambermaids, security, chefs and so much more having your back. Take the entertainment up a notch and live out the lush experience that will be the star of your stories to tell. In fact, you are awarded the Diamond Honors Hilton status as a souvenir to keep this unforgettable memory safety tucked in.

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