Unique destinations accessible by Private Jet.

Unique destinations accessible by Private Jet.

What can be better than luxurious seats, champagne and a hassle free travel option than a private jet? It must be quite irritating to be on a vacation mood and have it ruined by spending half the journey in a commercial flight with complete strangers. What if you wanted to escape all that and chartered a private jet? Now the next question is where will you go? One of the best perks in flying private is the ability to access remote islands that are otherwise impossible to reach by commercial flights. Indulge yourself in some of the most unique destinations accessible by private jet.

Calivigny Island, Caribbean

Destinations accessible by private jet

This private Caribbean island is the ideal place for family vacations, weddings and exclusive corporate vacations. The Island is tastefully furnished by renowned interior designers. Guests can choose from three different accommodations to spend their vacation in. If you wish for complete seclusion the island can be fully rented out. You will be served the best cuisine made by world class chefs, from the island’s very own greenhouse and locally sourced ingredients. Calivigny Island offers total seclusion and privacy in the most luxurious fashion.

Tiwi Island, Australia

If you are looking for a more immersive vacation. Then a visit to the Island of Smiles should be on your list. Also known as Tiwi Islands it consists of two islands – Bathurst and Melville. This vibrant island is steeped in aboriginal culture. The Island is mainly occupied by indigenous Australians who still hold onto their traditional lifestyles and cultures. It is also known for its excellent fishing experiences and welcoming locals. Sit by the coast with a fishing rod and enjoy the warmth of a breathtaking sunset. It is sure to give give you a whirlwind of a journey that will last forever.

Necker Island, British Virgin Islands

Destinations accessible by private jet

Another one of our destinations accessible by private jet is Necker Island. It is located in the British Virgin Islands which is a part of the Caribbean. A stunning island with 74 acres of land surrounded by coral reefs and white sandy beaches. You can hire the entire island and accommodate groups of up to 34 people. If you’d rather not rent the whole island you can still enjoy what the island has to offer. The Island also has Balinese style houses accommodating two people dotted all across the island. Walk along with the coast hand in hand and enjoy the clear turquoise blue waters and soak up the tropical sun.

Buzios, Brazil

Buzios is a resort town situated in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. It is a popular destination to get away from the busy city. This land boasts of 17 beaches that you can explore. Visit the east coast for its wild open sea that draws water sports junkies and surfers. Or walk along the west coast and enjoy the calm, clear waters. At night explore Buzios’ main street, Rua das Pedras and discover a variety of restaurants and shops for your souvenir collection.

Norman’s Cay, Bahamas

Destinations accessible by private jet

This island is previously famous for having served as the headquarters for drug smugglers. It is surrounded by tranquil blue waters and natural beaches. An impressive amount of bird life and vegetation make this island their home. This private retreat offers six beautiful ocean view cottages and a restaurant. It also has its own airport called the Norman’s Cay Airport. No commercial flights are available to land in Norman’s Cay, which makes it even more ideal to charter a private jet.

Wrapping up

Which of these Islands has tickled your fancy? These are just a few of the various destinations that our private jet charter can take you. Whether it’s adventure or relaxation you want, we are here to make it easier. Pick one of these destinations and we will do the rest. All you have to do is pack your bags and enjoy your vacation. Tell us your thoughts on the comments below.

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