Top 10 most expensive shoes in the world

Top 10 most expensive shoes in the world

Truly a validating point made in an articular quotation. The living style of one person may not fit into the eyes of every individual. Regardless, people will always have the freedom to live the way they want. And let me tell you, some of these shoes will definitely pinch another who dares to wear it. The days of wearing shoes merely to protect the feet are far gone. Shoes have now developed into a fashion statement or rather an indication of social status. But how far will the price tag stretch? Well, we are about to find out. Here are the top 10 most expensive shoes in the world. Let’s go ahead and do the traditional countdown to spice things up.

“The shoes that fit one person pinches another; there’s no recipe for living that suits all cases”

– Carl Jung.


most expensive shoes in the world

Bringing back the good old days, these beautiful heels are designed in the 1940s style by nonother than Weitzman. The stunning heels feature the signature T-strap commonly found in the era worth $1 million. The toe section of these shoe features rose ornaments made of 1,800 Kwiat diamonds and weighing 100 carats in total. Among such stunning designs, the shoes themselves are studded with an extra 400 Kwiat diamonds.


most expensive shoes in the world

Such expensive and luxurious accessories are made from very delicate materials for example. The belts are made from gold silk and aren’t a material you would simply purchase at the nearest fabric shop. In addition to this, the renowned Kwiat jewellers have a minimum of 464 precious stones found within the belts. You should remove some of the jewels that are used to highlight areas of the strap to make the shoes less dressy and more appropriate for informal events. They had been created to be worn by an Oscar award nominee. It was the hope that these shoes would make their debut at the gala event, and the person chosen to wear these $1.09 million dollar stilettos was actress Laura Harring, of renown for “Mulholland Drive”


most expensive shoes in the world

We have all watched the Wizard of Oz some point in our lives. So let’s admitted, the thought of having those gorgeous red ruby slippers was a dream. Weitzman understood this in a very profitable way. Modernizing the concept he presented a brand new version of the Ruby slippers that took everyone’s breath away. The $1.6 million versions are one of a kind. The insole is a cherry red and the shoes are made of soft red satin leather and four and a half centimeters long are the stiletto heels.

For jewel settings, an injection of the rare precious metal platinum is used and the overall weight of this element amounts to half a pound or the equivalent of 123.33 carats of platinum. Premium gold thread was used to tie the top to the base of the feet, and precious Burma rubies encrusted the belts. A minimum of 642 rubies in oval and circular shapes are used in the pattern, totaling more than 120 carats. The stones may also be removed from the shoes and used for jewelrym making this one of the most expensive shoes.


How much will a man pay for his shoes? It really depends on the materials and the designer involved in creating them. So what happens when the entire shoe is covered in perfectly cut diamonds? On both shoes, Aresheben put a huge sum of 340 carats of diamonds. Each single brilliance stud on those shoes was a beautifully round, full-cut diamond set on white gold. There must have been a minimum of over 14,000 diamonds on all shoes. Explaining the $2 million price tag on them. These expensive shoes required a minimum of 2,000 hours of work, and this in itself took almost a year to complete. It took about four months to supply the diamonds alone. It’s a good thing that Aresheben completed it in time because Cannon decided to wear it to America’s Got Talent season 9 finale.


Weitzman keeps on coming up with brand new designs that blow our minds away. If these blue tanzanite stones don’t catch your eyes, I don’t know what will. The rear strap is lined with a number of jewels and there is a beautiful pattern of blue tanzanite stones adorning the front of the foot, in the place of an upper one that culminates in a suspended precious pear-shaped tanzanite drop weighing 16 carats alone, making this foot the greatest worth out of this world. All told, the total weight of this precious stone carat is 185 carats. The strap over the toe is one of the most elegant and simple styles with a thin brace completely encrusted with precious diamonds stretching across each shoe’s circumference, giving them a distinctly feminine appeal.


most expensive shoes

It seems we are stuck in the $2 million margins with these exclusive shoe designs. But this design hits close to the heart. We all read the fairytale of Cinderella and always wondered how beautiful her glass slipper must have been. Weitzman once again put his own spin on it and brought to us diamonds in exchange for glass. Cubic zirconia and crystal also can’t catch up with the luminous refraction of a true diamond. The majority of the accessories are made of platinum and Italian leather and translucent fabrics designed to leave the foot feeling completely nude except for the sparkling lace pattern of diamonds. Country star Alison Krauss wore these beauties to the 2004 Oscars in a white satin top.


Most expensive shoes in the world

An expensive pair of shoes for women worth wearing it. What makes the Rita Hayworth Heels so unique is not just that they’re named after her. Stuart Weitzman produced a pair of exceptional earrings around the excellent and incomparable heels. Once owned and worn by Rita herself, the diamond, ruby and sapphire stones embedded in the earings that grace the middle of the satin flowers on the bottom of these heels. Much like there never will be another Rita Hayworth, these beautiful shoes are absolutely one of a kind.


most expensive shoes

Seems these shoe designers can’t seem to get over the ruby slippers. But these shoes were created for a much bigger purpose of celebrating the Classic film’s 50th anniversary “The Wizard of Oz. The edition of Winston’s famous and classic ruby slippers boasted the 4,600 gemstones encrustment. As you get closer you can see that there is a much more remarkable artistic development in the combination of rubies and diamonds which adheres to the principles of both form and function. There are 1,350 carats of luxury rubies in all, and 50 carats of diamonds are attached to the pair.



Debbie Wingham asked for the support of the project by contemporary artist Chris Campbell from the USA. The two produced a pair of heels which is simply breathtaking and completely elite. The zips and tag underneath the shoes are made of 18k gold solids. The stitching is an 18k gold thread, and even the leather is finished in genuine 24k gold polish using a matching true-golden and rose-gold. Debbie helped plan, and Chris did the crafting which took hundreds of hours to complete. A thousand pointer diamonds on those shoes are just the start of the ice-ing. In addition to four polished 3k white diamonds, the shoes feature one-carat blue diamonds and three-carat pink diamonds, all set into platinum.


most expensive shoes

We have come to the last shoe in our exquisite list of the top 10 most expensive shoes in the world. Taking home the grand 1st place in a total of $17 million dollars is the PASSION DIAMOND SHOES. Jada Dubai’s new “Passion Diamond Boots” — trendy stilettos made from real gold and embellished with two small 15-carat D-flawless diamonds — went on sale last week for $17 million and is said to be the world’s most costly pair of heels. The breathtaking stilettos are on view at the only 7-star hotel in the country, Dubai’s Burj Al Arab. They will not be up for sale nor will ever have a second pair to match. Only one lunky pair of feet will ever have the blessing to wear these extravagantly elegant heels.

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