Top 10 most expensive dogs in the world

Top 10 most expensive dogs in the world

A dog is a man’s best friend. These furry friends are a pure symbol of unconditional loyalty and eternal companionship. For millenniums and beyond, we have only continued to fall deeper in love with these lovable hounds. And as eons pass, they only continue to grow more precious and valuable. How much will you pay for companionship like no other for the rest of your life? Let’s look at the latest 2020 top 10 most expensive dogs in the world for just a roundup.

10. Afghan Hound – $7,000

Afghan Hound

The first doggy on our list of the mot expensive dogs stands out from the crowd for their unique thin, doughnut-bent tail paired with a small head and a wide body. The Afghan Hounds are an ancient family member of the sighthounds. The wayfarers of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nothern India had bred them centuries ago

Despite the white, long tresses curtaining their bodies elegantly, the Afghan Hounds are known for their adorably silly nature. They are as aloof, confident and dignified as royalty befitting their looks. However, they are also a big contradiction! Studies have provided empirical evidence that this friend is rather timid, flighty, and downright clownish. A unique trait of this furry companion is their silky long and thick coats that are to be kept healthy.

09. Pharaoh Hound $7,500

Pharaoh Hound

“The red, long-tailed dog goes at night into the stalls of the hills. He makes no delay in hunting, his face glows like a God and delights to do his work.” – XIX Egyptian dynasty.

The next up on our list is the Pharaoh Hound who are known for their protective, hunter stance and gentle disposition. This furry friend of ours is not very furry as the others in this list. However, it doesn’t stop them from being one of the warmest creatures out there. The Pharaoh Hound is gentle, sensitive, patient, clam and tender with children. Contradicting to that, these dogs are also hunters. Dubbed as ‘Kelb tal-Fenek‘ in Maltese, translating to rabbit dog, these dogs are trained and agile hunters, especially for rabbits.

Known as an obedience wiz, the Pharaoh Hound is fit to be your companion for life. These dogs are as loyal, tame and obedient as they get. Not only that, their short coat of fur feels like heaven to stroke! It’s almost an all in one package! Compared to the others it is the most expensive dogs so far, truly deserving of its price tag of $7.5k

08. Argentinian Mastiff  $8,000

Argentinian mastiff

Argentinian Mastiffs is ranked one of the most athletic, muscular and strong dog breeds out there. They were barely bred a hundred years ago–in 1928, from the now-extinct Cordoba Fighting Dog. As strong as they are as hunters, these dogs are known for their gentle disposition and protective nature. They make up great watchdogs and guard dogs.

For those of you looking for a dog who is always ready to be on their feet, engaging itself in stimulating activities, this friend is a perfect match. Their domineering size and intimidating fit understandably require them to have regular vigorous exercise. Not only that, but they are also loyal and protective of the ones they care about. It truly is a perfect gift of a friend wrapped up in $8,000.

07. Canadian Eskimo Dog $8,700

Canadian Eskimo Dog

Prefer a more work-oriented companion? I introduce you to the Canadian Eskimo Dog who is the oldest and rarest working dog. These furry friends come from the Arctic which explains their thick fluffy coats richer than a branded fur-coat! They are big in size and bubbling with energy.

Living up to their name as working dogs, these friends are super intelligent and active. They require a high amount of care, especially because these dogs are now threatened with extinction since the 1960s.

06. Rottweiler $9,000


Rottweilers are intelligent dogs that require continuous socialization with family. A unique trait of theirs is the fact that they some times take a couple of years longer to mature into full size. Nevertheless, when they do age, they become massive and huge as we’d expect them to!

Rottweiler’s are guard dogs. They are independent and intelligent, and often act on their own unless trained and guided. They are great socializers and get along great with people and also make a great protective companion.

05. Azawakh $9,500

most expensive dogs in the world

The Azwaka is one of the most expensive breeds in this list. They come from their home in the Sahel region of Africa. Out of all the sighthounds mentioned in our list, these dogs happen to be a bit more loyal and devoted to its kin and masters. These friends are quite aloof and actually have a noticeably eccentric and complex personality as humans would.

These rare sighthounds are not befitted for every household, but the masters that do own them boast about them as deserved. Slender and tall, these dogs are intelligent and rigorous protectors. If you want a watchdog who will have your back no matter what, the great Azawakh is the one to go to.

04. Tibetan Mastiff $10,000

most expensive dogs in the world

The ancient Tibetan Mastiff is known for its huge, imposing size resembling that of a Savannah lion. If you want the best of the best guard dog, this is the breed that will live up to your expectations. A hugely noticeable treat of this big giant fluffball is definitely the dense thick coat. And contrasting to its rather cute description is the historical fact that these friends were trained for the purpose of keeping farm sheep and cattle safe from predators.

These intimidating friends are in fact super devoted and loving to their masters. As part of the working group, they prefer playing watchdog and guarding their territory for exercise. One of the most expensive dogs, they truly are a lovely treat to have in your home and their price tag racks up to the first 2-digit-k on this list!

03. Chow Chow $11,000

most expensive dogs in the world

We have all unquestionably heard of this unimaginably fluffy friend originating from China at some point. The Chow Chow is a square dog popular for looking like a mix between a cuddly teddy bear and a ferocious lion. Chow Chows were historically raised as guard dogs and it surely explains why they happen to be so protective, aloof and less social than the rest on this list.

Chow Chows are perhaps the most ancient breed in China. They have played a bunch of roles–from hunters, guards, and so on. They are a bit hard to tame, but when done right, they become one of the best companions a person could ever wish for.

02. Löwchen $12,000

most expensive dogs in the world

The Löwchen is also dubbed the little lion popularly. Hearing this, you’d expect a fearsome beat, not less like that Tibetan Mastiff. However, the Löwchen happens to be the smallest breed in this list of ours. They are a toy dog bred to be a companion dog. They are intelligent and smart, and just as obedient and loyal. These dogs are gentle and the best friend for children because of how patient they are.

Social and outgoing, these dogs love companionship and being around others. Not only that, but a special talent of theirs is also their talent in doing extremely well in dog competitions.

01. Samoyed $14,000

most expensive dogs in the world

The last but clearly not the least in our list is the Samoyed who actually accounts for a whopping $14,000! They are one of the most expensive dogs on this list. Believed to descend from the Soviet Nenet Herding Laika, these dogs originate from Siberia. They were apparently a favorite of Queen Alexandra of Denmark. And of course, who wouldn’t like them for their thick-double coat of the softest white fluff and excitable nature? Samoyeds are intelligent and loyal and super playful.

These dogs crave human companionship and are quite the opposite of being lone wolves despite the resemblance. Apart from this, another adorable fact about them is the corners of their lips that curl up adorably. This is dubbed as the Sammie smile for how unique it is. They are stubborn adorable, intelligent, playful and definitely worth the price tag!

Indeed, whatever kind of dog you may wish you choose as a companion for life is as good as they all come. The loyalty and devotion they provide you are, in fact, priceless. Additionally, Not only are they adorable. They also just tug at your heartstrings with how protective and devoted they are. After reading this list of the most expensive dogs in the world, you might be thrumming with the need to be surrounded by the fluffballs. And we have good news for you because Vebudo Elite is just a click away from aking your needs come true. So choose your dream companion that will reward you with cuddles and wet kisses and unconditional loyalty.

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