Top 10 expensive private jets owned by celebrities

Top 10 expensive private jets owned by celebrities

It’s no secret how expensive Hollywood is. After all, we wouldn’t be here talking about celebrities if not for them. Even better, we are looking at expensive private jets owned by celebrities. Private jets are luxurious aircraft designed to transport small groups of people. It’s a custom build and smaller size allows for faster travel at maximum comfort. Now, let’s look at 10 expensive private jets owned by celebrities.

10.Embraer Legacy|Jackie Chan

Private jets owned by celebrities

Legendary Martial artist and actor, Jackie Chan owns this beast. He recently purchased a new Embraer Legacy 650 for its roomy cabins and luxurious feel. This top executive jet is divided into three separate areas. Each cabin is designed for each part of Jackie Chan’s daily schedule. On this private jet’s exterior is a custom painted red and yellow dragon that fits the celebrity’s style and personality.

PRICE – $30 million

9.Gulfstream IV|Tom Cruise

Private jets owned by celebrities

We probably know him from Mission Impossible but years before that he was a naval fighter jet pilot in ‘Top Gun’. Since starring in the 1986 movie, Tom Cruise who had fallen in love with Aviation went on to get his pilot’s license and acquired at least five aircraft. The most luxurious one is his Gulfstream IV private jet. Designed by Gulfstream Aerospace, this private jet is twin-engine aircraft with Rolls-Royce Tay 611-8 engines. The Gulfstream IV flies at 509 miles per hour at 4000 nautical miles.

PRICE – $36 million

8.Dassault Falcon 900|Taylor Swift

Private jets owned by celebrities

Surprised that she’s on the list? Well, this singing sensation has a net worth of $365 million. I’m sure she can afford a private jet. Taylor Swift owns a Dassault Falcon 900 or sometimes know as F900. Taylor bought this jet in 2011 and it has since flown worldwide to her tours and award events.

PRICE – $40 million

7.Bombardier Challenger 850 Learjet|Jay Z

Private jets owned by celebrities

A gift from his wife Beyoncé, music mogul Jay Z owns a Bombardier Challenger 850 Learjet. Completely customized with only the best luxury fittings, the king and queen of hip hop fly in the utmost comfort. The 850 Learjet was the updated version of the Challenger 800 that ran from 2006 to 2015.

PRICE – $40 million

6.Bombardier BD 700 Express|Celine Dion

Celine Dion and Oprah Winfrey have jets from the same manufacturer but different models. The Canadian born singer owns a Bombardier BD 700 Express. It is twin-engined long-range corporate jet aircraft manufactured by Bombardier Aviation. It can accommodate a maximum of 18 passengers and is equipped with high-end amenities.

PRICE – $48 million

5.Gulfstream G550|Tiger Woods

Private jets owned by celebrities

He may not be as good as he was but Tiger Woods is still one of the richest athletes. Even if he were to retire now he could still be able to live a comfortable life with his acquired wealth and endorsements. That being said, he owns a Gulfstream G550 that enables him to get anywhere at almost the speed of light. The G550 is incomparable to the G650ER but being from the same line it’s not lacking in any of its performance.

PRICE – $50 million

4.Bombardier Global XRS|Oprah Winfrey

Now, who doesn’t know our favorite talk show host? The Bombardier Global XRS was bought by Oprah’s production company Harpo. It is a custom-designed plane with all leather interiors and luxury fittings. It allowed Oprah and her associates to travel in complete comfort. The aircraft was designed by Bombardier Aviation as a premium long-range private jet. The custom design allowed for wide cabin space and nine cushy leather seats. The jets cruise through the air smoothly, made possible with its two Rolls-Royce BR710 turbofan engines that produce enough power to transport the business mogul around the world with only one refuel stop.

PRICE – $52 million

3.Gulfstream V|Jim Carrey

Private jets owned by celebrities

The Gulfstream V flies at 940 km/h and has a 6,500 nautical mile range. It is considered to be one of the most respected and the safest jets in the world. Jim Carrey can fly anywhere in the world at the fastest possible speed with this long-range private jet. In addition to that, he has made his private jet available for charter. This means you can now find out what a celebrity owned private jet feels like.

PRICE – $59 million

2.Boeing 757 23|Donald Trump

Private jets owned by celebrities

Originally belonging to Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen this luxury jet now belongs to the Trumpster. This luxury private jet contains every type of luxury you can imagine including bathrooms made of solid gold. It also has leather seats and gold plated seat belts. He also has his name printed on the exterior in 24-carat gold.

PRICE – $100 million

1.Boeing 767 277|Mark Cuban

This Private Aircraft is under the Head of State Category. Owner of the Dallas Mavericks and multibillionaire, Mark Cuban landed himself in the Guinness World Records for purchasing the Boeing 767 in 1999. The Boeing 767 is a wide body airliner manufactured by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. Just recently Mark Cuban had the plane modified with large custom seats to accommodate his tallest players.

PRICE – $144 million

There you have it. These are our top ten expensive private jets owned by celebrities. What are your thoughts? Comment below.

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