Best sailing destinations in the world

Best sailing destinations in the world

You have to admit, sailing is sometimes better than flying. Won’t it be great to sail on your private yacht to some of the best destinations in the world? It doesn’t matter whether it takes a few hours or a few days, at least you are experiencing something wonderful. Maybe gear up and go for a deep-sea dive, swim with marine life, or have a treasure hunt of sorts. Reach your destination while having various experiences along the way. Explore vibrant cultures and delicious delicacies on your yachting adventure. Do you hear the turquoise blue waters calling you? Then it is time to dive in and explore some of the best sailing destinations in the world.

Ecuador, Galapagos Island

Sailing destinations in the world

If you know Charles Darwin, then you’ve heard of the Galapagos Islands. Said to be the inspiration for his theory of evolution, this island lies about 1000km off the coast of Ecuador. These isolated islands are home to many rare species of plants and wildlife alike. Like it’s various species, the Galapagos Islands have varying islands that range from active volcanoes to abundant wildlife reserves. If you are planning a long vacation, make sure to explore them all. Swim with extraordinary marine life or explore the islands and interact with some of the island’s magnificent creatures.

Tanzania, Zanzibar Island

Sailing destinations in the world

Zanzibar Island, also sometimes known as Ungujais located in the Tanzanian archipelago of Zanzibar. Known as the Spice Island and used as a trading post by the Arabs, this Island is steeped with history. Explore various enchanting sights like Stone Town which is a UNESCO protected world heritage site. Stone Town is considered to be the heart and soul of the Island. Visit the Sultan’s Palace or the Prison Islands and discover the vast history of this breathtaking Island.

South Pacific, French Polynesia

Now French Polynesia is technically not just one Island, It comprises of 118 islands spread across the South Pacific, 67 of which are inhabited. The largest Island is Tahiti that was formed by volcanic activity that are still visible on the island but have long since been inactive. The Island boasts of beautiful black sand beaches, magnificent waterfalls and lagoons. The people of Tahiti also have an annual festival that celebrates traditional dances, music and sports. The Island was also once home to famous painter Paul Gauguin.

New Zealand, Bay of Islands

Sailing destinations in the world

Charter a yacht and embark on an adventure to the Bay of Islands in New Zealand that encompasses of 140 subtropical islands. Enjoy sandy walks on the islands many beaches or sail around to Tapeka Point and discover the varying sea life that New Zealand has to offer. The bay is brimming with historical buildings that date all the way to the first settlers in New Zealand. If you are a history buff and looking to have fun while exploring then this Bay of Islands is just the place for you.

Italy, Aeolian Islands


The last on our list but not the least of the best sailing destinations in the world are the Aeolian Islands. Located off the coast of Sicily’s northeast coast are the UNESCO protected Aeolian Islands. They consists of seven unique islands. The largest Island known as Lipari offers you a plethora of activities that is sure to occupy your time there. Magnificent cobalt waters provide sports for swimmers and divers while adventurers trek volcanoes. The other islands are in no means incomparable. Each island offers you a unique experience such as luxurious accomodation and decadent delicacies. The Aeolian Islands are truly a slice of paradise.

Wrapping up

Are you itching for adventure? Which of these Islands is going to be your next vacation destination? Don’t worry these island are just a sneak peak to where our yacht charters can take you. Whether it be for pleasure or occasion we take you to some of the most photogenic destinations all over the world. There are plenty of places for you to explore and what better way to get there than by sailing?

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