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The life of a king…

Living like a king means being able to experience the true royal life which most of us dreamt about when we were little kids and fantasized about. If you’re going to live like a king you’ll need your own kingdom, castle, or palace with suitably majestic accommodation with a royal lifestyle and luxury-filled vibe that will mesmerize you and give you memories for a lifetime. By hiring an expert movie art director in the industry we will create the lavish interior of the palace decorated with wall paintings and furnished with the finest gilded furnishings. Have the palace exclusively to yourself with five-star catering or personal chefs and exciting outdoor activities and territory according to your taste. We will arrange everything at the tip of your fingertips ranging from a delicious meal day and night to a leisure time included hunting outdoor, traveling on magnificent riverboats, swimming, fishing, sword-fighting, and horse-riding, while you return to an appetizing supper accompanied by lavish cultural entertainment provided by celebrity singers and dancers whilst indulge yourself with remarkable festivities.

This getaway can be an adventure where you feel you are teleporting back in time

At your request a relaxing spa day could be arranged with the countries best experts making this experience one with relaxation and not only with fun-filled activities.  This getaway can be an adventure where you feel you are teleporting back in time where every intricate detail will be customized accordingly. We could also organize a role-playing scenario so you are able to get the full experience of making decisions at the palace at your own request to any scene you wish to. From helping the kingdom’s people to riding horses alongside your knights we are able to provide the experience of a lifetime.

Services We Offer!

  • Luxury Palace
  • World Class Chefs
  • Celebrity Shows
  • Travel arrangements
  • Spa treatments