About Our Group

Vebudo started its journey 12 years ago in the flight training industry and became one of its leading brands by providing phenomenal services to students all over the world seeking to be pilots. From there, things skyrocketed and soon enough we were chartering private jets and yachts bringing us to Vebudo elite. With our success in the aviation industry, we decided to expand our vision to a different industry and provide our clients with absolutely luxurious services. One of a kind exquisite travel packages are handcrafted with hand-picked lavish locations. We create the ultimate luxury experience to fit our client’s tastes.


We take great pride in providing nothing but the best from villas, castles, beautiful houses, beach huts, cottages, and chateaux – not only in France but worldwide. A comfortable stay accommodated by private chefs, security, travel guides and so much more. Packages catered to each event in our clients’ life from marriage proposals to elite retirement plans; Vebudo Elite is one of a kind and will always exceed the client’s expectations, shaping the ordinary to extraordinary.

  • 24/7 Service
  • No Membership needed
  • Uniquely Tailored Service
  • Global Network
  • Precision to details